The nightmare of 4096 square eyes

This is one of my favorite photos. The number 4096 is not the number of eyes but a small joke that computer scientists will understand considering the 12-bit / pixel of the D70 that was my new toy when I posted the image,

I took it about 10 years ago while I was testing two home-made diffusers to be used for macro shooting. It was a rainy day and the raindrops in (or "at", or "on" ?) my window looked like an interesting subject to test the performance of the diffusers. They were like soft boxes to be attached to the TTL-Metz flashes that I still have. I used my Nikon 601 (6006 in USA) and the micro Nikkor 60 AF. I have to admit that I was surprised by the results.

You can see it in


Anónimo ha dicho que…
Muy curioso el resultado. Casi parece un dibujo, a la escala en que aparece aquí, en el blog.

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